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Creepy Murdering Old People

This Year’s horror film scoring an almost near perfect score of a 100% on rotten tomatoes is the film “X”. If you’re a fan of the Horror films Jason X, Freddy Kruggar, Halloween or anything along those lines then you’ll Love this tasteful display of Ratting Horror. Be ready to hold your head, jump in your seat, cover your eyes, and get a somewhat of a chuckle out of it.

This Film is about a group of young filmmakers looking to make their dreams come true. Starring in this Death trap around the

Shinning On A 5 Win Streak

Another win for San Diego Mesa Women’s Beach Volleyball Friday morning. With tons of hard work and dedication, the women’s beach volleyball team was able to turn their 4-game-win streak into a 5-game-win streak for an overall record of 6-2. Friday morning, they took on the Grossmont College Griffin’s in the sand with an overall record of 4-4 containing two consecutive losses. Mesa’s women’s beach volleyball team took the lead early on by winning the first set putting them up 1-0.

A few of the p

“Don’t Say Gay” Bill?

“DONT SAY GAY” bill- now I know what you’re thinking,but that is not a comment directed towards a person named Bill. It is also probably not the second thing you’re thinking if you havent been staying informed with whats going on in Florida and apparently a few other neighbor states around Florida like Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina have also started the “dont say gay” trend for a bill that was recently passed in the state senate’s office in Florida with a vote of 69-47. The bill states th

Riddle Me This.. Riddle Me That.. WHO! is Afraid of The Big Bad Bat!?

Thursday night was the premiere of “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson as the legendary Batman himself, while being directed by Matt Reeves who did a spectacular job. It was a long awaited film by DC & marvel fans across the world after a 5 second preview was released almost 3 years ago in theaters.

From the beginning of the movie it was obviously targeting certain batman fanatics, like myself who played the video game Batman Arkham. The first fight scene completely got me hooked as Robert P

Who’s a good movie? ‘Dog’ is a good movie

Actor Channing Tatum starred in the new movie “Dog,” where it recently premiered with 76% approval on “Rotten Tomatoes.”

The movie begins like any other military movie, showing you collages of pictures of their tour while Ranger Briggs was on deployment with his team, as if grandma was showing you ‘ol little sonny’s baby picture photo album.“Dog” gives you a perspective of what happens when military personnel come home and are looking for work in their field. For Army Ranger Briggs, played by T

Men’s basketball team gets the whistle blown on them

With the season coming close to the end with only 5 games left to play the team has been working harder with the hopes of an even better season-ending story. Wednesday night’s basketball game could have been celebrated in victory by our Olympian players if it had not been for a few bad calls that were obviously made by the referee that were blatantly pointed out by fans in the stands.

One referee called a foul during the first quarter that rattled the crowd when #11 William Bailey went up for a


EDC! Also known as the Electric Daisy Carnival Festival is a weekend-long festival I had the honor of attending at the speedway in Las Vegas Nevada from March 20th through March 23rd. The experience and artwork of the festival are something out of a beautiful dream, It truly is something special where all are welcome, there’s a giant colorful sign that says it as well in detail of just what “ALL PEOPLE” means.

With the purchase of your ticket, you get to hear almost 1,000 different DJs. All the

Oh My Gawd! GASP! its Iliza Shlesinger!

Iliza Shlesinger is a gorgeous rising comedian from the city of Los Angeles. She is a 39-year-old having fun discovering new parts of her life with her handsome husband Noah Galuten as new parents bringing new life into the world. She is currently working on her 7th Netflix special. Quickly growing in popularity, as she should. She has been constantly selling out shows all over the country and is constantly on tour adding new show dates. So if you live anywhere in the regions of the United State

Billie Eilish! ladies and gentlemen

Amazing would be an understatement when it comes to Billie Eilish. Her 102 million followers on instagram would also agree she is beyond amazing. She recently won an Oscar for best song ever at the 2022 Oscar’s award ceremony for her song “No time to die”. Which I’m sure will be sitting next to her ridiculous collection of awards recognizing her dedication and love for the craft of songwriting and singing. Billie Eilish has won 5 grammy awards, 5 MTV awards, 2 billboard awards, 2 american music

The Movie of The Vampire Who Stole Spider-Man’s Girl

Marvel’s latest character release is one of Spider man’s villains Dr. Morbius. Leading actor Jared Leto plays the role of a dying doctor that experiments with the blood from wild bats trying to save his own life and others with his same condition. Something goes wrong with the test that mutates him into a vampire with insane powers. They seem to be beyond the powers of what you would see an average stereotypical vampire would have, let alone look like when mutating. Don’t expect a slow introduct